What is Emerge 2040?

What is Emerge 2040?

Emerge 2040 creates a thriving, educated, livable, green and connected Erie County by guiding the implementation of the region’s 25-year plan for sustainability through collaborative and inclusive leadership.

We aim to increase the awareness and understanding of the community’s goals, as identified in the Destination Erie plan, among the citizens and organizations of Erie County.

Where did Emerge 2040 come from?

Emerge 2040 Graphic Timeline

Destination Erie: A Regional Vision brought Erie County residents and leaders together to create a common vision and action plan to meet the challenges facing the region in the 21st century.

The vision reflects the values of the community as collected in interviews, public meetings and forums throughout the process. The process focused on the issues, opportunities and connections between the housing, transportation, environment, infrastructure and economic systems, with a focus on implementation and capacity building in the region. The plan emphasizes Erie County and its 38 municipalities, while the economic growth component is broader in scope, encompassing Erie County as well as the four adjacent counties of Warren and Crawford Counties (PA), Chautauqua (NY) and Ashtabula (OH).

This three year process was led by a Regional Consortium comprised of more than 72 civic leaders and representatives of public, private, and nonprofit organizations and institutions across Erie County and beyond; more than 3,500 people participated in close to 150 public meetings, workshops, focus groups and online forums to provide feedback at every stage of the plan’s development and to shape the community’s agenda.

Work Groups consisting of dozens of local experts in their field were established around each of five areas of emphasis (Economy and Workforce, Housing and Neighborhoods, Environment, Transportation and Infrastructure, and Community Facilities).

The planning effort was funded by a Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant administered by the Office of Economic Resilience of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The federal funds were matched by close to $1 million in local resources (including cash contributions as well as in-kind services) demonstrating the broad community support for the effort.

How are we funded?

We would like to thank our partners who have provided funding to cover Emerge 2040’s administrative costs in 2016:

City of Erie

Erie County

Erie County Redevelopment Authority

Erie County Regional Airport Authority

Erie Events

Erie Insurance

Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership

GE Transportation